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🎮 Game: Pai gow poker
🌌 Provider: RTG
💸 Return to player97.14%

Pai Gow Poker Intro

Poker is not all about the Texas Hold Em concept. We can find various traditional and innovative alternatives online. Pai Gow Poker mixes the best of both worlds. It is inspired by an old Chinese domino game first played more than a thousand years ago. And it is relatively new to the western gambling world. Pai Gow Poker was invented somewhere in the late 80s and introduced to online users less than a decade ago.

Here we find the RealTime Gaming rendition of that casino entertainment. The card values are the same as all other standard forms of poker. The difference is in the gameplay, so let’s find out more about it.

Pai Gow Poker Information

This game is played with a single full deck of cards plus a Joker. It means that 53 cards are in the game. It is you against the dealer, in this case, the computer algorithm. It is about luck, but it is about strategy too.

You need to beat the opposition’s hands. That’s right, we mean two hands, not one. So, how that goes? After you place the bet, both sides are dealt with seven cards. You can see your cards, and the dealer’s remain face down until you do the split. The player has to make two hands, aiming to beat the opposition with both of them. On one side, you pull out two cards that can form a winning combination – it is obvious that you need a pair or at least a high card. On the other side, you make a hand of five cards. It is called the High hand, so it needs to be better than your two-card combination.

You have to split smart enough to have chances to win with both hands. If you do it with both hands, you double the stake. Winning with one hand and losing with the other means you return the bet.

The player can choose from various chip values starting from $0.25. You can be as low as $1 and as high as $500 in a round.


Pai Gow poker FAQ

It comes from an old Chinese domino game. The name is literally translated as “make nine,” but this meaning is not related to the poker variation.
You pick two of the initial hand that has a chance to win. It is the second-highest hand, so it can’t beat your own five-card hand.
Yes. RealTime Gaming products are available for mobile users.
It’s a draw. You receive the bet back.