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Free Slots Intro

Slot games are machines in which the winning combinations are settled by automated software. They originated in the late 19th century in the United States, with the first slot being a computer prototype of poker. It contained 50 cards, which were placed between 5 reels, and the players participated with bets of different values. Charles Faye developed a slot machine with three reels and five elements that paid out winnings automatically. The machine turned out to be a great find, which led to a boom in the production of such casino games.

Until the last decade of the twentieth century, slot games were distributed only in land-based casinos. The most popular were the fruits, which contained elements such as grapes, watermelon, lemon, horseshoe, and some pyramid games. In the 1990s, software providers emerged – their mission was to take over the evolving online space. Companies such as Microgaming are taking the stage, creating innovative, unprecedented and free slot machines adapted for virtual gaming. Online casinos are emerging, and users are gradually turning to remote gaming.

Nowadays, free video slots are diverse, multifunctional and supported by desktop and portable devices. Bets are placed in seconds and winnings are paid out instantly. There are a variety of free slot games – fruits, diamonds, pyramids, historical, mega jackpots, which come with additional bonuses, doubling the bet and free spins. Slots are also classified by number of lines, with games with 5 paylines, but those with many ways to win are no exception.

A key advantage of free online slots is the return, which exceeds 90%. There are games with approximately 99% RTP, which makes them highly potential and suitable for long bets.

Casino slot games – free or for real money –  occupy a significant position in entertainment sites and generate much of the turnover of casino companies. You can bet different amounts – from $ 0.10 to $ 100.00 per spin, and if you are looking for how to play slots for free online – My Casino Games is the right solution. We have added hundreds of free slots and other games to the site, free to play with virtual funds.

Our Top 5 Free Slots in 2022

Starburst 5 10 NetEnt
Sizzling Hot Deluxe 5 5 Novomatic
Book of Ra Deluxe 6 6 10 Novomatic
Mega Moolah Goddess 5 25 MIcrogaming
Zeus 5 30 WMS

Free Slots Types

Slots are the casino games that have the most various types. So which are the different types of free slots you can play in online casinos?

3 Reel Slots

Three-reel free slots have been around for a long time and have become classic casino games. Some providers are creating new free online slots to remind players of the old casino days. This means that the symbols used are easily recognizable by experienced casino players and often include fruits such as cherries, lemons and others, the number 7, which is considered a very lucky symbol in slots, and the well-known BAR icons that can be accessed in three different sets.

Many players use online demo 3-reel slots because of their simplicity. This is due to the fact that only three reels are available, which means that each round is quick and easy, without additional features, without bonus rounds and the like.

The number of active paylines for each round can be up to nine, but most free games in this category have three paylines or just one.

Because everything is simple, there are no pages of text or descriptions that need to be understood in order to know how the games work. However, this does not mean that there are no big prizes and bonuses that make it worthwhile to choose this type of slots. Even as we write this, some of them are probably already accumulating huge progressive jackpots that could change your life.

To win the maximum payout of a classic slot, you need to get a rare combination of three symbols on a certain line, usually the third symbol, which is activated for the maximum bet.

5 Reel Slots

And yet, like everything in the modern world, free slots are also evolving. Most of today’s innovations are five-reel free online video slots, and while they make the game a little more complex with their special features and symbols, they make it much more exciting.

The 5 reel demo slots feature great themes, especially those designed to be top titles from the start. As a result, some retailers are buying licenses from movie studios to create arcade free games based on some of the biggest box office hits of recent years, appearing on the big screen.

Superheroes, action heroes and more are already part of the online gaming industry and countless players are enjoying their time with them.

However, the theme is not the only thing that makes a 5-reel slot stand out, as their features can be just as impressive.

Special symbols include jokers, which can play the role of any simple symbol to create winning combinations on the lines, scatters can be paid regardless of their position on the screen and are often associated with pay multipliers or free spins, while bonus symbols can trigger a bonus round for a slot that gives big prizes.

There are 243 ways to get winning combinations on a standard 5 × 3 screen and many games are active for each round.

Because the game has more symbols and potential bonus play on many levels, the highest jackpots in the progressive five-reel slots can easily exceed a million dollars, which can certainly change the lives of each of us.

Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are casino games with random number generators (RNG). They have big incomes and can turn a casual player into a millionaire with just one spin of the reels. The progressive jackpots can be won if you play with real money and not if you bet on free slots. Similar to standard video slots and with similar gameplay mechanics, progressive slots have an unlimited jackpot as a major prize that increases over time. Progressive slot machines may qualify as a vicious circle whose trap is your jackpot quest, but in fact their prizes are very real. History abounds with big payouts from both online and offline progressive slot machines.

How progressive slots work

Progressive slots are played like everyone else. You need to determine the size of the bet, the number of paylines (if not fixed) and press the “Rotate” button to start spinning the reels. Progressive slots usually have two modes – main game and bonus round with progressive jackpot. Understandably, it is difficult to win the bonus round, because if it was easy, the progressive jackpot would be easy prey for a large number of players. And accordingly, the prize fund would not be so massive and impressive. However, many progressive slots offer a basic game with quite large winnings to attract more gamblers.

All progressive slot machines – both physical machines and their online counterparts – add a small fraction of all players’ bets to the total prize pool. The current jackpot amount is displayed on a special counter. If you look at this counter for just a few seconds, you will quickly notice that the amount is constantly growing. This is because in the meantime more money is filling the prize pool as a percentage of the bets played. If you are wondering if progressive slots are better than ordinary ones, you should know that their uniqueness is that the prize pool has no ceiling. Thus, a slot machine that has been collecting revenue for months can turn a lucky person into a millionaire in just one day.

Types of slots with progressive jackpot

Although all progressive slot machines collect the prize pool by deducting a fee from players’ bets, there are three different types of jackpots:

  • Slots with an increasing jackpot. If a player wins the accumulated prize and receives the money, the jackpot counter is not reset, because this will repel users and stop the interest in the game. That’s why many gaming content providers are launching the new jackpot with some amount of money, which can actually be quite serious.
  • House jackpot. The jackpots of some slots are accrued only from the proceeds of a particular casino. Also called the local jackpot, it is likely to reach a smaller size than the prize pools of online progressive slots.
  • Progressive network slots. This type of slot game is famous for the biggest jackpots, as their prize pools accumulate from players’ bets in several casinos simultaneously. An example of this is the Mega Moolah slot – a famous hit of Microgaming, which is part of the catalog of a bunch of online casinos and gambling operators. This means that multimillion-dollar revenues can be accumulated until a gambler strikes a big blow.

Keep in mind that some players confuse the progressives with the so-called built-in jackpots – this is the maximum win for the most valuable combination, landed on the reels, but with an upper limit. The main difference is that the built-in jackpots have a fixed size and do not increase over time.


Mobile Free Slots

Most of the online free slots can be adapted with the so-called mobile mode. These are free slots that are designed to be compatible with mobile devices – tablets and phones running iOS, Android and others. These free slot games are increasingly in demand because they provide the opportunity to play on the go. Recently, they are even recognized as free mobile slots, although in practice, slots for mobile devices are almost always available through a desktop device.

Mega Spins Free Slots

Mega spin free slots are perfect for players who want to multiply their earnings. These type of slots can give you higher chances of winning huge payouts.

Mega spin slots for free come in a variety of styles and themes – from classic type of slots to exclusive games. It doesn’t matter what type of mega spin slot you choose – the best part is you will have the chance to win huge!

Multiplier Slots

Multiplier slots are the ones you will have to try for sure if you want to win! There are slot machines with 2x, 3x or 4x multipliers – with them you can double or triple the amount you bet. Some slots even provide 100x multipliers – this means you can mulptiply the amount you bet by 100.

Slots with Multi-Paylines for Free

First, let’s explain what is  a slot payline. A payline is the combination of many results that can bring you a win.

The simplest payline is horizontal with 3 or 5 matching symbols.

Besides these simpe paylines, there are zigzag pay lines and pay lines with different patterns. Some free slots can include 30 pay lines but there are also advanced slots with 100 pay lines that considerably increase your chances of winning.

Jackpot Slots

Many players like slots because of the jackpot they provide. There is a considerable amount of slots with live jackpots who can give you an opportunity to win huge amounts of money. There are casino players who have won geat sums and became mutimillionaires with jackpot slots. You can be one too!

Cascading Free Slots

Free slots with cascading themes are also very popular and fun – they are very familiar to some arcade games such as Tetris.

In these type of slots for free when there is a winning combination, the lucky symbols burst and are removed from the current game. The symbols that are placed above them fall down and take the place of the removed ones – just like in tetris.

Cluster Free Slots

Cluster slots are slot types for free or for real money first introduced by the provider Net Ent but nowadays many other game providers offer them. With cluster slots you have to match a cluster of a group in order to win the game. Instead of matching a line or a row of symbols.

Free Slots with Expanding Reels

These are a special variant of slots both for free or for real cash – the players have the chance to unlock additional reels based on how the game evolves.

Let’s say the slot has 4 reels. If you match a unique symbols combination, the reels expand to 5 or 6 and give more combinations to win.

Slots with Expanding Wild Symbols

Most of the slot games have a few sections with wild symbols. But if you play a free slot with expanding wild symbols, any symbol in this free game is with a potential to be a wild symbol – this makes the game hard to predict. Most of the times the xpanding wild symbols become available whe players hit a special combination of symbols.

Slots with Free Spins

If you want to  get the most of you bets – the free spins slots are just for you. If you spin the drums a specific number of times or if you get the symbols to align for a special combination you will be rewarded with free spins. These type of free slots are perfect for budget gamers.

Gamble Slots

Gamble slots give you the best of both worlds – they combine the fun and excitement of slots with other casino games. This is great because you can try multiple of free games in one. For example, in this type of free slots you may be given an option to play with cards. If you guess the lucky card, your win fro the slot game will be multiplied. These slots are more complex than the other types so they are suitable for players who are a bit advanced.

Slots with Mistery Spins for Free

Advanced players can benefit from free slots with mistery spins as they provide games on a more complicated level.

These types of slots have a few exciting features. Usually, they have 6 reelswhich adds complexity when playing. On top of that, besides the regular symbols you can find in slots, the mistery spin slots offer a few mysterious or hidden symbols which gives another chance to win.

Respin Free Slots

These for real money or for free slots allow the players to respin some reels for new winning combinations.

Some slot free variants will have only a certain number os re-spins while other free games allow respins when you get a set combination of symbols.

Slots with Stacked Symbols

The name of these slots says it all – in stead of having the typical layer of symbols you get a stack. Some games allow respin of the reels so the players can get different symbol combinations for huge wins.

Free Slot Themes

Slot themes represent the style and vision of the game, they can be quite different and there is something for everyone.

Some free slot themes are the following:

  • Free Fruit Slots – Fruit Games are the main and most popular ones among online casinos around the world. In them the player can find all kinds of fruits, and it would be best to first get acquainted with the rules of the game, because with each different slot, the fruit symbols have different meanings.
  • Free Movie Slots -. Their graphics and sound are great and no doubt make you “enter the movie”.
  • Free Egyptian Slots – One of the favorite themes of casino fans is ancient Egypt and its secrets. That is why the Egyptian slots are one of the most played. There are various symbols such as tombs, traps, mummies and others from the past of Egypt;
  • Free Historical Slots – Slots that touch on moments in the history of the world are also in high demand.
  • Free Animal Slots – Animal Slots are an integral part of every online casino. They are games with a variety of animal symbols, such as dogs, cats, lions, birds, etc .;

How to play free slots – basic rules

Fortunately, the rules of all slot games for free or for real money  have not changed much since the beginning and are extremely simple. Therefore, when playing online free slot games, you just have to spin the reels of the slot machine of your choice. As soon as the latter stop spinning, their symbols will form different combinations. In case they fall on some of the slots’ paylines, you will win.

Winning lines are those that contain certain combinations of symbols and depending on the type of different slot machine games, they may be different in number. This rule applies to all online casinos. This number will be mentioned at the beginning of each game and you will be able to choose how many of them to bet on.

Depending on the number of winning lines, you will be able to find out how many of the combinations you have formed will be successful. There will also be a payout table in each free slot game where you can check your potential winnings.

No matter what type of free slot machine you choose to play online, the first thing you need to decide is how many lines to bet on. Then you can bet your preferred amount. Finally, you need to spin the reels by pressing the “Start” button. These details apply to all slot machines for free and for money offered by online casino platforms.

That’s all you’ll have to do, leave the rest to luck and the random number generator. These two factors will decide whether you will win or lose.

  • What is a bet?

The pledge is the multiplier of the value of the coin. It gives you more betting options.

  • What are coins?

1 credit is pledged for each active line. This is the denomination of every credit.

  • Rotate the reels

Once pressed, the reels begin to rotate.

  • Hold the individual reels

You can press each individual reel to freeze it and find out the result while the other drums are still in motion.

  • Spin button

The spin button rotates the reels on one click and stops them when you click a second time.

  • Turbo spin

Turbo spin mode activates the fastest possible spin speed.

To activate turbo spin, hold down the button or hold the interval bar. Turbo spin mode is active as long as you keep the interval.

  • Max bet

Max bet sets the value to the largest possible bet amount available.

  • Autoplay

Autoplay automatically plays for the number of rounds selected.

  • Stop free spins

Stops the autoplay feature when you receive the free spins feature.

  • Loss limit

Set a limit on your losses. If you reach it or exceed it, autoplay stops.

Free Slots betting tricks and strategies

There are quite a few different free slot machines tricks and strategies. Before using them, the most important thing is to be consistent, confident and confident in the game of slot machines. It is also important to try each free online casino game with virtual tools to get completely used to the design, options and capabilities of the title. If you think that you can show the above qualities, then let us show you our specially selected and quite well selected free slot machines tricks.

Big Bets strategy

There is a significant difference when playing free online slots with big and small bets. Small bets mean smaller winnings, while larger ones can bring you more money. The best strategy for accumulating more solid profits is to choose the highest possible bet according to your bank and a slot with more lines.

It also makes a difference whether you bet on one line with a 10 euro coin or on ten lines with 1 euro each. When you bet on only one line, the chance of arranging symbols for a winning combination is almost negligible. While if you play with 10 lines, you have a good chance to make good hits.

Free Spins Strategy

The best way to win money from all online slot machines is to use free spins. They can be given as part of an initial bonus or given to loyal players without the requirement of a deposit. Each casino site has many promotions (including the newer casinos), which include so-called free spins.

Definitely, when playing slot machines, your real money can be lost quickly, but if you bet with free spins, such losses can be avoided. If your casino does not have this type of promotion, do not hesitate and register in the platforms recommended by us!

Free Slot Machines Tricks with Maximum Bets

This is probably the best strategy that every online player should rely on. If you play using only one line, your chances of winning are not great. Therefore, our advice is to always bet with big bets and on the maximum number of lines.

As you know, some slot machine games offer bonus levels. If you play with only one line, entering the bonus level, you will not have a good chance to win something solid. But if you always play to the max, a successful combination of Wild and Scatter symbols would bring you huge profits.

Advantages of Free Slots Disadvantages of Free Slots
You can test different slots for free It is not always possible to save your data in the game
You can play for free without any pressure to win Players cannot participate in tournaments
You will learn and understand the rules of the different slots Without registration, it may be difficult to save your favorite games to play them later
You will practice the slot before playing with real money You cannot win real money
Free slots improve your game strategy

Can I win from free versions of slots?

What you will earn are just virtual points. These points mimic real cash receipts, but you can’t withdraw them. For example, if you play free slots, you will be offered a virtual point balance. Money can be withdrawn from it as well as profits can be added. You have the opportunity to use different bonuses as well, but remember that you cannot withdraw your winnings and it’s just a slot game for fun. However, this has its positive sides.

In case you play a few popular free slot games, then at a later stage, you can join an online casino where the game is the same, but this time, an investment is required from your side. With real money slots, you can withdraw your winnings and even congratulate yourself on winning a big jackpot. The same is true of many other casino games for free and for money, including poker, bingo, roulette, keno, scratch cards, blackjack, baccarat and more.

Why play free slots?

Note that playing slots for free does not require you to make a real money deposit. You can’t earn real money from these games, but you can improve and later try your luck on the same titles, but this time on their paid versions. That way, you’ll go in prepared and have a better chance of getting the most out of it. Quite a few people prefer demo versions to get to know a game up close.

It is a great alternative to real casinos that provides a number of options to the player. First, he familiarizes himself with the options of the game, tries out the possibility of winning and makes a real judgment whether to join the paid version, where he can actually lose or win. The zero chance of losing when the user is still unprepared with strategies is the most valuable advantage of this option offered by online casinos.

Why is there no need to create an account or download an app to play free slots?

The reason is that these titles do not bind the players in any way due to the absence of monetary relations. This is a great advantage that leaves only pure fun for the player.


FAQ – Slots

You can easily win from a slot machine. To do this, you need to choose the one that pays the best RTP %.
Choosing a slot machine can be difficult because each player has their own preferences. Among the most popular slot machine categories are those with progressive jackpots and bonus symbols.
The most popular slot types are 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots and progressive jackpot slots.
The best strategy for slots is to be persistent. Other strategies include Big Bets strategy and Free Spins strategy.