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Scratch cards

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Free Scratch Card Intro

Scratch cards or different types of lotteries have long been a favorite form of entertainment for all ages. You can see both young and old players happily rubbing their scratch cards, wishing for a good win. A new variation of the well know land based scratch cards are the online scratch cards both for free or for real money.

They have many more pluses than the classic version, both for the people who produce them and the players. The online version of the cards is so popular nowadays because it solves the main problem of the classic scratch cards – very high cost for production and after that distribution. Online scratch cards for free come with no production cost, and thus their providers are able to invest the money set for production  in winnings for players. And their jackpots are actually very big.

Of course, before you embark on your virtual adventure with various free scratch cards, it is advisable to check which online casino website offers the best terms and where you will get the bonuses that will help you win..

How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Every game with scratch cards for free start when you buy a digital coupon. Depending on the different casinos online where you decide to play, coupon prices vary. The tickets themselves are divided into 3 by 3 columns, 4 by 4 or 5 by 5. You have to set the bet, then you are free to open the squares yourself or if you prefer the computer software will automatically open them for you. The aim is to match the symbols that are winning. How can you see which of the symbols can bring you profit? Just look at the info table which is available for every game.

If you match three symbols you will be rewarded with a prize – cash money. The win will depend on the bet you decided to place on the first place. You will see a virtual coin with which to “rub” the coupon, but there is also an option to open all of th squares in the given game. As we said, the information regarding the prizes that stand behind each symbol is available to you in the info table. You can also opt out to click on the question mark button to get all the needed info.

Types of Online Scratch Cards

The variety of scratch games is huge. You may come across coupons that have symbols representing images of fruits, animals or numbers. The rules for playing are all the same.

Some games have the option to only check the squares one by one, using the virtual coin we already mentioned. Other games have an automatic function to do this action. The latest scratches offer both manual rubbing and automatic opening of the squares in the columns.

Let’s not forget that some casinos offer free scratch games in which you can win a big jackpot. You have to find the exact number of symbols that match in order to win – which are these symbols you can find out in the game info.

Scratch Cards Bonuses

Rarely there are bonuses offered in this type of game, but they do exist. Some scratch cards have symbols that double your winnings. For example, if a scatter symbol is displayed, it can double your bet. To check if such offers exist, you need to use the help menu of the game, where youcan get information about bonuses and offers. Everything about the winning combinations and possible bonuses is written there.

Scratch Cards Strategies

Scratch cards are known as games in which your luck is most important. In other words, you can’t use any special strategy to win by wiping out virtual tickets. However, there are some tips that can be useful for you.

The most important instruction for players is not to get involved in buying a large number of tickets. Some believe that since they have not won the first few times, they will do so if they buy more scratch cards. However, this is not true, because the casino always has an advantage, and if you have not succeeded from the beginning, it is better to give up on time.

In case you have attempts to rub coupons offline, then remember that even if you bought 5 tickets, this does not guarantee your winnings. Do not kill losses with new bets, but stick to your luck. If it doesn’t work right now, leave the game for another time.

Where to play free online scratch cards

Almost all online casinos offer the option to play scratch games for free. First, it is advisable to try the demo games that are offered at the said online casino. You actually open the squares on the coupons and symbols pop up, but all you win is virtual points and rewards. Of course, there is also options for a real money game – you just have to register at the virtual casino, put a deposit for tickets and start a game.

The most popular online scratch cards for free

Scratch card fans can find plenty of titles in online casinos. There are some games online that are extremely popular among betting fans – further below you can find some of the best – they all offer the possibility for a huge win.

Some of the most popular scratcg games online are Piggy Bank Scratch, Scratch Match, Blood Bank Scratch, Kitty Cash Scratch, Scratch Soccer and more.

These games can be found in most of the reputable online casinos. All of them have  demo options that you can try without actually registering, and the other option is to bet with real funds and respectively win considerable prizes. In various casinos online you will find a number of interesting titles that you can try your luck with.

Advantages of Online Scratch Cards Disadvantages of Online Scratch Cards
The possibility to win huge money with only one winning ticket The option to play for minimal cost can cause addiction
Cheap to start playing If you play in a website that is not safe you can be scammed
Online scratch cards have minimal risk for the players You cannot use skills or strategies
24/7 online availability


Scratch Cards FAQ

Yes. Many online casinos offer a demo play depending what type of a scratch game you choose.
A scratch card game is based on luck. However, one advice is – if you continue losing, do not buy more scratch cards to cover your losses – just stop playing.
Yes, some types of scratch cards have symbols that can double you winnings.