Responsible Play

Responsible gambling is one of the keys to not crossing the line into addiction. We strive to help players with their choices, but without putting them at risk of negative consequences and developing a gambling addiction.

Online casinos have built a number of methods to help and protect players. Among them are:

Age verification – verifying that you are an adult is one of the main requirements of any brand. When registering with any casino, you are obliged to confirm that your age is real. Players who provide false information may face consequences, including forfeiture of winnings, account ban, and even legal action.

Account Self-Exclusion – Self-exclusion is a feature that allows you to limit your use of the online platforms you use. Through this feature, you can block the use of your account by setting a time limit during which it will be inactive or stop using it entirely.

Deposit Limit – This is the third common option that allows you to set a limit on the amount you can deposit in a given time frame. This amount can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and the bookmaker’s system will not allow you to exceed the limit once you have created it.

What can you do to protect yourself?

If you feel that online gambling is becoming a problem for you, you need to seek professional help. To identify the problem, it is necessary to focus on some questions.

If you missed work or school because of casino games, if you often play until you lose everything and you can’t stop, if gaming is affecting your home equity or you’ve had to sell or borrow money, it’s best to stop before the problem becomes more serious.

In order to protect yourself from the above, it is necessary to comply with some things:

Never play to win money

Gambling is a form of entertainment and it needs to stay that way. Yes, it is possible to win money, but it should not be the main thing when you play.

Only play with funds you can afford to lose

Never use money meant for something else to bet. Make a clear distinction between the budget you can use on betting platforms and that allocated for other things.

Don’t try to recoup losses

Losses are quite normal and it’s good to learn to accept them. Chasing losses and betting more to make up for them is a mistake that can prove costly.

Do not play under the influence

Whether under the influence of fatigue, mental state, alcohol or other substances. These are conditions that can confuse or impair your judgment and it is good to avoid staying in online casinos when your psyche does not allow it.