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Other Free Games Intro

In addition to the popular games for free such as slots, roulette, blackjack and baccarat, online casinos have a variety of other games. Players can choose from craps, keno, bingo, wheel of fortune, lotto, sic bo and many more.

Just like the more popular games, it’s important for players to manage their bankroll well and bet wisely. If the game involves using strategy, we encourage you to do so. It is important to know that winning in most games is a matter of luck. If you have several unsuccessful bets and keep losing, it is better to stop.

Free Dice Games

Dice games for free are not as popular as slots but they hold a special place in the casino industry as a whole. Many experienced and novice players prefer them. Dice games offer the possibility for big wins too.

Before you start betting real money on dice, do yourself a favor and practice for free. There are many demo versions online – you can try without risking your own money and learn the rules and tricks to win when you start playing with real bets. Most of the online platforms that offer demo games do not require registration which is even more convenient for the players.

Free Keno

Keno was invented in ancient China by the emperor. The wealthiest people began to play so often that the revenue was large enough to start the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Thanks to the Chinese emperor who created this interesting game, we can now enjoy it even from the comfort of our own home. As a matter of fact, Keno is widely known in many countries including England, USA and Canada.

Keno Types

Although classic Keno for free is so interesting and gambling lovers are big fans, several more types of tickets are known that you can play with – combo, king, top and bottom, left and right, extreme, etc. With each ticket, the player has the ability to play Keno differently without changing the overall game. You have the right to play with more than one ticket at a time. This gives you the chance to increase your potential winnings within just one game.

Free Sic Bo

Sic bo is an extremely intriguing dice game. Although it originated in the East, the ancient game of sic bo is rapidly gaining popularity around the world.

Sic Bo for free is translated as “jewels”. The game has been around for thousands of years ago and is extremely popular in Asia, even being defined as an essential part of Chinese culture. The advantage of this game is that it gives people a chance to touch the eastern culture and try one of the most popular and exciting games there.

Sic bo online for free is intended for players who are over 18 years of age, but this depends on whether bets are included. If not, then anyone who wants to play can try demo sic bo, regardless of age. The main objective of the game is for the dice numbers to match the player’s bet.

The physical game, as well as sic bo online, is played on a specially designed table with three dice. Usually a special box is also used in which the dice are placed.

In sic bo online, the result of throwing the dice and the bet associated with it are usually defined as a ratio. For example, for the biggest win, but also the hardest to reach, the ratio is 180 to 1. This happens when a player guesses the values ​​of all three dice. Usually, players do not bet too much on this option, due to the low chances of winning, but prefer to bet on the outcome of only two of the dice.

Sic Bo Strategies

There are different strategies in the game of sic bo. The most basic strategy that many players follow is to bet on small and on big. In this way, the loss is minimized, and the chances of winning increase significantly, despite its low amount. In order to win a large amount, it is important to look for casinos with high odds.

The next sic bo strategy is the single bet. It is again low-paying, but the odds are extremely high. Thus, gradually the player can accumulate a high profit, with small steps.

Free Mahjong

Mahjong is an extremely popular game of Chinese origin. But instead of cards, the game is known for its array of tiles. Mahjong has a different gameplay that requires skill and strategy, but still a little bit of luck. There are many varieties of mahjong games.

Suitable for all ages, Mahjong is the perfect game for entertainment and developing strategic thinking.

Its main task is for a player to make a complete set of a certain number of tiles, starting with either 13 or 16 of them. Of course, whoever manages to achieve this goal first wins the mahjong game!

The game of mahjong can be played by four people.

History of the Game

Mahjong games were often played as games of chance, and therefore after 1949 they were banned in China, but were reintroduced after the Cultural Revolution in 1976. One of the most famous legends about the game’s origin states that it was invented by the great Chinese thinker Confucius around 500 BC. Another theory states that the game was created in the Chinese Imperial Palace to develop the strategic thinking of Chinese generals.

Mahjong Types

Due to its growing popularity, the game also gets many new modern and different variations. The idea, of course, remains the same.

Modern versions of the game are a hugely popular way of having fun on a computer, with the rules being fairly simple and mainly come down to picking up a tile in exchange for discarding another one from the player’s hand.

Some of the most common mahjong top games are penguin mahjong, fruit mahjong and others. The game is suitable for people of all ages, being extremely fun, entertaining, but also developing strategic thinking.

Free Wheel of Fortune/ Money Wheel

The Money Wheel game first appeared in Alberta in 2011. The  sectors of the wheel are 56, and in some of them the sum is multiplied.

These game offers easy money without having to follow any strategy wondering if it will turn out to be profitable. There is no need to wonder if you have understood the rules well and if the other players won’t end up with higher hands than you. First, because it’s not a card game, it’s a wheel game. Second, because everything depends not on your strategy, but on your luck itself.

Your aim will of course be to win as much as possible, depending on the win ratio found on the sectors (each sector has a different one), therefore players aim to spin the wheel so that it stops at sector with the highest possible win.

That’s right – with this game you will eliminate the need to learn rules, as well as strategies, carefully and focused observation of other players, assessing the situation, the possibility of losing because someone else is luckier than you. Here the only strategy would be to cross your finger, spin the wheel and have luck.

Free Craps

Craps is one of the most loved casino games where bets are placed on rolling a dice. It is played with 2 dice, in a circle, clockwise, and the number of players can reach up to 20. The level of difficulty is determined by the players themselves, based on the volume of bets they make. The first roll of the dice starts the game.

The player’s objective is to guess the outcome of the dice roll by placing a bet on a number that will or will not be rolled. This is done by placing the bets on the pass line and dont pass line. To win when a pass line bet, your dice must land on 7 or 11. For a successful dont pass line bet, you must get 3 or 2.

There are different ways to play craps. It mainly depends on what type of bet is being made. Apart from the main two mentioned above, there are many others.

In case your first roll is successful, the payout is 1:1. In case you get a point, you can make an additional bet, which is called Chance and must be twice the initial bet.

If you do not hit the correct combination, then your bet will be moved to the amount that the dice is showing. This point is called the Establish and once established the player cannot remove the bet. He must roll the same value before rolling a 7 if he doesn’t lose. The dice roll will continue until there are bets on the table and a new point is established.

Free Bingo

Bingo for free or for real money is an extremely popular casino game. Nowadays, many online casinos offer the option for casino fans to play different bingo variants with the possibility for great winnings.

The rules of bingo are extremely basic and even a beginner would easily get used to the game. The first and most basic thing is that when playing bingo, you get a scorecard, where there are pre-marked numbers – how many numbers are there depends on the bingo game you choose. The numbers that fall in some games are premarked for you and a bingo game takes under ten minutes. When you complete a certain pattern you can win big.

Where to play bingo online for free

Bingo is an extremely common game both in online and land based casinos. You can find different variants online and also at where you can try many bingo games for free.

Advantages of Casino Games Online Disadvantages of Casino Games Online
All games are available 24/7 Online casino games can lead to addiction
Most games require only minimal sum for initial bet Risk of unfair casino online operators
Great variety of online games for free and for money Personal interaction is minimal
Various online promotions and bonuses High fees for transactions sometimes


Other Games FAQ

There many types of casino games – some popular choices are craps, sic bo, keno and wheel of fortune.
Yes, the preferred sic bo strategies are to bet on small and on big or single bet.
The easiest casino game is the Wheel of Fortune. It doesn’t require any previous knowledge or any strategies.
The players in a craps game can be up to 20.