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🎮 Game: Hi Lo Switch
🌌 Provider: BGaming
💸 Return to playerUnknown

Hi Lo Switch Intro

Discover the thrill of an exciting arcade game by diving, into Hi Lo Switch from BGaming. Gear up. Dive into the action of this game from the convenience of your own home. Featuring a design and user friendly navigation Hi Lo Switch offers an arcade experience with added bonuses and special features to keep you on your toes. Get set to speed towards victory and snag some rewards, along the way.

Theme & Graphics

Hey there! Hi Lo Switch is a fun game that you’ll find really captivating. It may not have a backstory. The colors are so appealing. The control bar is right, at the bottom for access while playing.. There’s a soundtrack to keep you entertained throughout. The graphics are top notch making it easy for players to jump in without any issues. No need to download anything. Just open your web browser. Start playing. And it works on HTML5 so you can even enjoy it on your mobile while on the move. If you’re thinking of switching from slots to table games Hi Lo Switch is the way to go. While you’ll get payouts during gameplay big wins might take some patience. It’s a choice, for all players, whether newbies or experienced pros.


Join in the fun with Hi Lo Switch, a captivating game that will keep you entertained. This card game challenges you to predict whether the next card, in the sequence will be higher or lower. To begin place your chip on the betting field on the table layout. The game uses three decks of cards for drawing at the start of each round. Once you’ve made your bet hit the deal button to reveal three cards on the table with an option to show or hide them. Each card has a heart symbol at the top indicating low predictions. Click on the heart for high and lower heart, for low guesses. The hearts also come with odds that will determine your winnings based on your size. Enjoy playing and good luck!


In the Hi Lo Switch game there are no paylines to follow. Instead you rely on odds to win rewards. Your task is to predict if the next card drawn will be higher or lower to earn a payout.

The best odds, in this game come with the probability of predicting the card accurately.


This game offers players an opportunity to mix things up and enjoy themselves right, from the comfort of the casino. It presents a card game that will keep you engaged as you anticipate the card in the deck. Unlike your Hi Lo card game this one features game mechanics to guide you through the gameplay. At the beginning of the game you’ll notice a switch button located on the side of the screen. This button becomes available after dealing the cards. Allows you to swap out cards on the table layout with ones without risking your bet. When you click this button all cards are replaced with ones. Additionally there are features in the game designed to facilitate gameplay such as the re bet and new bet buttons. The new bet button lets you adjust your betting range while using the re button allows you to place a similar bet as, in your previous game.