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🎮 Game: Sic-Bo Macau(BGaming)
🌌 Provider: BGaming
💰 Max. profit 50x
💸 Return to playerUnknown

Sic-Bo Macau(BGaming) Review

Whether its playing slots or table games Bgaming always delivers an experience. Today lets dive into Sic Bo Macau, a game launched in 2019. Bgaming has put in effort to create an authentic gameplay, with a top down perspective now available at Vegas Aces Casino.

Sic Bo Macau is a casino game that translates well onto the screen. The 3D dice produce satisfying sounds as they land on the table and the chips make a clatter when moved. Every win is clearly highlighted, making it easy to stay engaged. Simply predict how the dice will land to win.

This game review covers everything you need to know for practice rounds whether you’re playing for fun in demo mode or, for money. Explore game reviews to enhance your casino experience during your visit.

How to Play Sic Bo Macau Online

While the gaming table might seem overwhelming at glance Sic Bo Macau is actually a game to engage in. The essence of the game lies in predicting the outcomes of the three dice rolls. For instance if you feel certain that all three dice will display a six you can simply place your wager on the area of the table. Roll the dice. If you emerge victorious that specific section will be highlighted. Regardless of the outcome you have the option to easily repeat your bet by clicking on the ‘re bet’ button.

Mastering this game entails grasping the betting possibilities it offers. While we won’t delve into every option we’ve provided a list below for reference. We recommend reviewing the game rules to enhance your comprehension of Sic Bo.

  • Small
  • Big
  • Specific Triple
  • Any Triple
  • Specific Double
  • Total
  • Two Dice Combination
  • Four-Number Combination
  • Single Die
  • Three-Number Combination
  • Three Number Combination with two unique numbers

Bet Sizes & House Edge

Players have the freedom to choose their betting amounts with the bet set at $100 and the minimum at $1. In the game you can use chip values of 1, 5 10 25 or $100.

The house edge, for this game fluctuates based on your bets. It can range from 2.7% to high as 47.2%. For information on the house edge, for bets refer to the games rules section.