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🎮 Game: European roulette
🌌 Provider: RTG
💸 Return to playerUnknown

European Roulette Review

European Roulette is a popular table game that has been developed by companies. Although the core gameplay remains similar, across versions developers often add graphics, animations and special features to distinguish their creations. Realtime Gaming (RTG) introduced European Roulette in 2018 making it one of their games.

To offer an overview we have thoroughly reviewed this game to provide you with insights, into its mechanics, features and more. You can also enjoy playing it for free on our platform to experience placing bets and understanding its gameplay firsthand.

The Gameplay Experience of European Roulette by RTG

Playing this game offers an roulette experience, with a European Roulette setup featuring only one zero on the wheel resulting in a low house edge of 2.70%. This makes it an attractive choice for newcomers. The games design is simple yet visually appealing making it easy to place bets and follow the gameplay. Additionally European Roulette provides a table layout, sound effects and includes a racetrack feature for convenient betting.

When it comes to betting options this game covers all the basics such as number bets betting on groups of 12 numbers, /odd numbers, red/black colors and other common, inside and outside bets. If you’re looking for wagering options you can easily locate them on the racetrack displayed to the right of the table.

Special Bets and Inbuilt Features

While its true that this game offers bets, for beginners it also features the racetrack option allowing players to place bets like Voisins du Zero (neighbors of zero) Orphans (leftover numbers) and Tiers du Cylindre (third of the wheel). Hovering over these options will show the numbers being wagered on the table.

Another nice feature in European Roulette by RTG is a box on the side of the screen displaying minimum and maximum bet limits for outside bets along with your current stake. You can clear all bets from the table using the Clear All button or remove the placed bet, with the Remove button.

Play European Roulette by RTG for Free

Now that we’ve explained how this table game operates maybe you’d be interested, in trying it out yourself? Why not give it a go, in free play mode here. Test your skills by placing some practice bets? Simply click on the Play button of the demo game below to see how effortless it is to begin by placing your wager.