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🎮 Game:Caribbean hold’em
🌌 Provider:RTG
💸 Return to playerUnknown

Caribbean Hold ’em Intro

Among the hundreds of poker renditions on the Internet, there are not much more attractive and fun than the Caribbean Hold ’em. This version of the game produced by Realtime Gaming is available on our website for free, but if you want more than entertainment, there are plenty of online gambling platforms where you can bet for real money.

The Hold’Em type of poker, beyond doubt, is the most popular among the fans of the game in recent years. Here we add the pirates’ adventurous spirit that makes the game even more thrilling.

Caribbean Hold ’em Information

You play against the computer in the Caribbean Hold ’em. There are no other players involved; you bet against the hand of the virtual dealer. Initially, there are three community cards on the table. The player gets two face-up cards, and the dealer receives two face-down cards. Here is where you can consider whether your hand has a chance to win against the opposition or whether it’s better to fold.

Going into the flop, two more community cards are added to the table. Whoever has the best hand combining one’s own cards with those face-up wins the round. The dealer must hold at least a pair of 4s to qualify. The winnings are compared according to the standard poker paytable.

The playing chips have values between 1 and 500. You need to make an Ante bet before the first cards are dealt. Then, if you wish to continue after the flop, you must place a Call bet worth twice the size of the Ante bet. Folding before the flop will not cost anything extra but means losing regardless of how strong your hand is against the dealer.

Special features

Side Bets

Beating the dealer is not the only option to win while playing RealTime Gaming’s Caribbean Hold ’em. There are some side bets to place along with the main game. Making additional wagers potentially brings an award from the progressive jackpot. Such a bet is optional; you can play it or not. You need to make an Ante bet and then wait for the combination of the first 5 cards – the three on the table and those two you have in your hand. There are fixed cash prizes for most of the configurations. However, if you hit a Straight Flush, you will get 10 percent of the progressive jackpot. You can have it all if a Royal Flush comes along with the first five cards.

You will receive 100 times the wager size if you have Royal Flush in the main game.
No. This is Hold 'Em poker, not Draw poker.
Yes. Players can place additional bets along with the Ante bets.
Yes, as long as this hand is better than the dealer.

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