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🎮 Game: Oasis Poker Classic (Evoplay)
🌌 Provider: Evoplay
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Oasis Poker Classic (Evoplay) Review

Oasis Poker Classic is a poker game, with five cards. In this game you compete against the dealer and the hand with the value emerges victorious. You have the option to play, up to three hands against the dealers hand.

To start you place your Ante bet. Subsequently you receive five cards facing up while the dealer also gets five cards but only one of them is visible. Upon examining your cards you have the opportunity to exchange up to five of them.

Following this you can. Call’. Fold’. Opting to call means doubling your Ante bet. The next step involves comparing your hand with the dealers to determine the winner.

Features Explained

In the game you have the option to swap out, up to five cards after getting dealt. Each replacement comes at a cost; 1 Ante for one card 2 Ante for two cards, 3 Ante for three cards, 2 Ante for four cards and 1 Ante for five cards.

The payout you receive depends on your hand;
Royal Flush; 100 to 1
Flush; 50 to 1
Four of a Kind; 20 to 1
Full House; 7 to 1
Flush; 5 to 1
Straight; 4 to
Three of a Kind. ;
Two pair.

You also have the option of insuring your hand against the dealer not qualifying. This will cost you one ante. If the dealer indeed does not qualify your insured hand pays out at odds (1 to

Additionally if the dealer doesn’t qualify you can choose to buy a card for them. This will set you back one ante, per hand. If the dealer remains unqualified after this exchange you win money on your ante bet. Get back your call bet.


Press the “Deal” button to begin the round.

If you choose to “Call ” you’ll need to pay double the amount of your Ante.

When you “Fold ” your cards are. You lose your Ante bet.

After the round ends, Rebet” to replay the round.

This product boasts a 99.7% RTP giving you odds of winning. Think you can outsmart the dealer?