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🎮 Game: Penalty Shoot-out
🌌 Provider: Evoplay
🚀 Theme: Football
💸 Return to player96.0%

Penalty Shoot-out Intro

Football fans love the Penalty Shoot-Out! It’s the pinnacle of the game. You win it or lose it – there’s no area in between. Well, actually, if your favorite club is engaged in 12-yard kicks, it can take you on the verge of a heart attack, but luckily, there is no such risk in this game.

Evoplay uses the concept of the penalty shoot-out to build the eponymous casino entertainment. It’s not exactly a slot machine as we are used to seeing it. But the theoretical RTP is in the average range for the category.

Penalty Shoot-out Information

The bottom line here is pretty straightforward. It’s you against the goalkeeper. You have to score to get a prize. If he saves, you lose. Before the game starts, pick the national team to represent – there are no clubs here.

It’s very similar to the actual football penalty shoot-out, but not entirely the same. There are five shots to be made by the player, but no matter how many of them end as goals, you lose once missing to score.

You can point your shot at five locations within the goal frame. There is also the option to make a random kick. If you score a penalty, you have two choices – collect or continue. Every time you put the ball into the net, the payout is doubled for the next shot. Making it five in a row is the real challenge, but you are not obligated to go all the way – you can collect at any time. But if you continue and miss, all the rewards are lost.


1st Penalty: The reward is 1.92x the bet size.

2nd Penalty: The next successful shot pays out 3.84x.

3rd Penalty: Three in a row brings you a prize of 7.68x.

4th Penalty: Can you make it to four consecutive goals? If you do, the payout is 15.36x.

5th Penalty: Here comes the top prize in the game. It’s 30.72 multiplied by the bet size. But scoring five shots in a row is the hardest task; that’s why the payout is so generous.

The minimum bet in the demo version is 1 DEM, while the stake’s limit is 500 DEM. You can change the amount before every match-up.


Penalty shoot out FAQ

Yes, this casino product is suitable for mobile users.
It's 1 DEM in the free play but can vary in the real-money betting.
No. This is not really a slot machine to have a card that substitutes for the others.
All the time. It's the very concept of the game - the next consecutive goal doubles the prize.