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🎮 Game: Aces and Eights (Habanero)
🌌 Provider: Habanero
💸 Return to playerUnknown

Aces and Eights (Habanero) Intro

In Aces and Eights the payouts begin with a pair of jacks simply returning the wager. However this game offers rewards for achieving any set of four matching cards. Despite the absence of cards in this video poker variation attaining four of a kind hands is still achievable. Players will certainly be motivated to pursue them due to the substantial payouts offered by hands, like four aces and four eights.

Quads Can Beat a Straight Flush

In general getting four of a kind is usually easier than getting a flush. In Aces and Eights having four of a kind with aces or eights is more valuable than achieving a straight flush. This difference in value can influence the strategic approach players should take while engaging in the game.

Apart from this adjustment in the payout system there isn’t much to discuss regarding strategy when playing Aces and Eights. The gameplay remains fairly straightforward for the part. It’s important to hold onto winning hands and aim for hands with four card draws. Conversely it’s advisable to discard three card draws aimed at straights and flushes since they don’t offer payouts in this game to justify pursuing them

If you’re seeking the type of video poker available opting for Aces and Eights is indeed a smart choice. This game boasts a payout rate and low variance. Even starting with a pair of jacks guarantees you, at least breaking on your investment.