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🎮 Game: Joker poker
🌌 Provider: Wazdan
💸 Return to player96.07%

Joker Poker Intro

Wazdan’s Joker Poker is an entertaining video game available for free play on our website. This casino product comes up with an average Return to Player (RTP) of just above 96 percent, which is not so high compared to alternative casino products.

What makes Joker Poker attractive is the possibility of hitting huge winnings. And you know why? As the name of the game implies, there is a wild card here that can substitute for any card from 2 to Ace. The Joker works all the way except for the Royal Flush combination. You can hit a five-of-a-kind combination, and let’s look at the payouts for the winning combinations.

Joker Poker Information

This Wazdan product is of the Draw Poker type. It is the classical setup that so many poker fans love and still prefer rather than the Hold ‘Em or Stud games. You can change cards after the first round, holding those you think may participate in a winning combination. After the deal, some cards automatically will be stopped if there is a potential to make up a good hand. But you can change them too if you think something better would come after the draw.

The minimum stake here is 0.20 in the demo version, while the top limit is 100.00. Keep in mind that you pay wagers for both rounds. A pair of a kind does not bring anything – you need at least two pairs in order to get returns.

Royal Flush: This is the top combination in the game. It is a Straight Flush from A down to 10 with no Joker involved. Royal Flush pays out 1000 times the size of the bet.

Wild Royal Flush: You can include the Joker in the Royal Flush combo, but it can’t substitute for the Ace. The winnings are 800x.

Five of a Kind: Here is the exclusive hand you can have at Wazdan’s Joker Poker, but not at other poker renditions. The classical four with a Joker pay out 500x.

Straight Flus: Consecutive cards of the same suit with the highest being lower than Ace bring winning 200 times the size of the bet.

Four of a Kind: Four Kings, four Queens, or four 5s pay out 50x. And you can use the Joker to add if you have three of a kind.

Full House: Three Aces and two Kings (or three 7s and two 3s) return 13x

Flush: Five non-consecutive cards of the same suit pay out 10 times the size of the bet

Straight: Five consecutive cards of different suits bring winnings 8x.

Three of a Kind: The return is 4x.

Two Pair: The lowest winning combination returns two times the size of the bet.

Special features

Double the winnings

For every winning hand, you have the multiply the returns. You can double the payout if you guess right whether a red or a black card comes out. The bonus level has several rounds depending on the original winning value. You can quit it whenever you want. But once you give a wrong suggestion, you lose all the winnings generated by the hand.

Joker Poker FAQ

It’s a Draw Poker. You can change cards after the deal and before the draw.
No. You play against no opposition. The only thing that matters is the value of the hand.
No. The lowest combination which returns money is Two Pair.
Yes. Every time you have a winning hand, you can opt out and take the returns or try to double them up.