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🎮 Game:American poker gold
🌌 Provider:Wazdan
📉 Paylines:5
💸 Return to player96.58%

American Poker Gold Intro

Can you combine features of poker and slots in the same game? Yes, you can, and Wazdan’s American Poker Gold is the answer. Basically, this is still poker complying with the game’s rules. And on top of that, we also have variable paylines, which are frequent properties at online slot machines.

But there is more to that. American Poker Gold adds a Joker to the deck, which means you can hit Five of a Kind. The highest payout comes out with such a hand. The maximum return is 100 times the size of the bet. You don’t have to worry about the dealer’s or other players’ cards – there is no adversary here. It’s only up to the value of the hand you hold.

American Poker Gold Information

This game is of the Draw Poker type. You can change cards after the first round or hold the ones you consider to have the potential to win. A Joker is added to the deck to increase your chances for a hit. This card substitutes any other except for the Ace in the Royal Flush.

You can play American Poker Gold for free on our website. The game is quite similar to another title in Wazdan’s catalog – Joker Poker, yet we find differences in the payouts. The minimum bet is 0.10, while the highest stake goes up to 100.00 per line. We will explain how the paylines work here, but let us first summarize the value of the winning hands.

Five of a Kind: The highest winning hand is a combination of four of the same kind plus Joker. It pays out 1000 times the size of the bet.

Royal Flush: Consecutive cards from A down to 10 of the same suit bring returns 600x. Keep in mind that the Joker cannot substitute the Ace.

Straight Flush: If you have straight cards of the same suit with no Ace involved, you multiply the bet 200 times.

Four of a Kind: In the case when you have all the Jacks or the 8s, the return is 50x. But you can also have three 4s and a Joker added to them. You will have four of a kind this way too.

Full House: Three cards of one kind plus two of another bring back 15 times the size of the bet.

Flush: Five non-consecutive cards of the same suit bring up winnings 10x.

Straight: Five straight cards of various suits pay out 5x.

Three of a Kind: The return is 3x.

Two Pair: The return is 2x.

A high Pair: If you have two Jacks or a higher double, it returns the size of the best one to one.

Special features

Win on 5 lines

You can opt to play up to 5 lines. If you hold cards after the deal, they remain for all the lines, while the draw delivers different cards for every line for those that have been changed. It means that one round can bring up to 5 winning combinations. But you pay for every line. The maximum bet is 100.00; if you use all five lines, your stake for a round will be 500.00.

Double the return of the hand.

As we find it with various Draw Poker renditions, it is possible to double the winnings. You need to guess between red and black cards.

Yes. It substitutes any card in any combination except for the Ace in Royal Flush.
You can win 1000 times the size of your bet if you hit five of a kind.
Yes. A high pair of Jacks or better brings back the money of the wager.
Yes. This game is optimized for mobile devices.