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🎮 Game: Grand holdem
🌌 Provider: Novomatic
💸 Return to playerUnknown

Grand Holdem Intro

Casino Hold’em stands out as a twist, on the Texas Hold’em poker game gaining traction in casinos globally. Unlike poker games where you compete against players in Casino Hold’em your opponent is the dealer. The online variant, Grand Hold’em offers a poker experience, with notch Novomatic quality!

Your aim in Grand Hold’em

In the game of Grand Hold’em poker the goal is to form a winning hand using your two cards and the five shared community cards that surpass the dealers hand. Each round begins with a wager known as the Ante. Additionally you have the option to place a bet called Aces or Better where you predict the outcome based on the three community cards along, with your personal cards. Once these initial three community cards are revealed you must decide; Call to continue or Fold to quit? Opting to Call means doubling your Ante bet. Subsequently the final two cards are unveiled to determine if your wager outperforms that of the dealer!

Guidelines for the dealer

A heads up; the dealer needs at a Pair of Fours or higher to qualify. If they don’t meet this requirement you’ll get the payout, for your Ante bet based on the paytable. Your Call bet will be returned (Push). If theres a tie all bets are returned to you.