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🎮 Game: Casino holdem
🌌 Provider: Playngo
💸 Return to player97.84%

Casino Holdem Intro

Hardly anyone would agree that the Hold ‘Em concept is the most popular among all primary poker categories. Play’NGO delivers another entertaining rendition for this type of the favorite casino game.

This Casino Holdem is video-based poker with a single deck that reshuffles before the beginning of every round. The theoretical Return to the Player is just below 98 percent. One of the most exciting features is the AA side bet. Let’s find out more about it.

Casino Holdem Information

Every round starts when the player places an ante bet. There is an optional opportunity to put the AA ante bet too. It brings another chance to win. You play against the dealer, and both receive two cards face down and three community cards. After the flop, you can fold, meaning you give up and lose unless you have a winning hand with the first five cards on the table.

The other option is to call for two more cards. It will cost you double the stake, but you increase the chance to hit a much higher reward. The dealer needs at least a pair of 4s to qualify. Otherwise, the player wins.

The minimum stake for both ante and AA bets is $1.00. The highest amount you can risk on any bet is $100.


Royal Flush: It’s the top reward in the game, paying 100 times the size of both bets.

Straight Flush: It brings up 20x after the river and 50x with the AA bet.

4 of a Kind: The standard prize is 10x, but winning with the side bet hits it 40x.

Full House: Three Aces and two Kings (or three Jacks and two 7s, for example) return 3 times the stake of the ante bet and 30 to 1 with the AA option.

Flush: It pays 2x and 20x, respectively.

Straight or less: If you have a straight, three-of-a-kind, two pairs, or a pair, it will bring returns to double the stake if any of these combinations form after the river. You still need to beat the dealer’s hand.

Pair of Aces to Straight: There’s the only pair to bring a reward with the AA bet. That’s why it’s called that. Any hand up to straight pay up 7x with the side bet.


Casino Holdem FAQ

Yes, if you place a bet on the AA option. You win before the turn if you have a pair of Aces or more.
It’s $1 for both the ante bet and the side bet.
You win 100 times the stake hitting a Royal Flush.
Yes. Play’NGO Casino Holdem is accessible on all mobile devices.