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🎮 Game: Pirots 2
🌌 Provider: Elk
📉 Paylines: 6
📊 Reels: 6
🚀 Theme: Dinosaurs, Jungle
🔻 Min. bet: £0.20
🔺 Max. bet: £100
💰 Max. profit 10000
💸 Return to player94%

Pirots 2 Review

After the success of Pirots, by ELK Studios, fans eagerly awaited the sequel. Now its finally here. The new installment follows the Fearful Four on an adventure though it deviates from the pirate theme of its predecessor. Of sailing the seas this time we’re transported to a prehistoric world where dinosaurs once roamed. According to ELKs website the birds depleted their energy after ruling the seas for 10,000 days prompting them to embark on a reconnaissance mission that led them to discover barrels of rum in an unfamiliar location nearby.

Pirots 2 Rules and Gameplay

Pirots 2 slot revolves around the CollectR reel mechanic. However in this sequel the action takes place on a 6×6 grid that can expand to a 8×8 if certain features are activated. There are four distinct birds.

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red

That are always visible on the reels. These birds collect amber symbols matching their color or any special feature symbols. When a bird lands next to a payment symbol of its corresponding color it moves to collect that symbol. Continues until all surrounding amber symbols of the color have been collected. The sequence in which birds move is determined by the value of amber symbols. With payouts leading to movement first. They continue collecting until there are no more adjacent symbols of the same color left for them to collect. Once all collections are done an avalanche occurs where new symbols cascade down from above to fill any gaps created. There is no restriction, on how many avalanches can occur within a spin.

Special Functions

  • Upgrade Increases the level of amber symbols matching the birds color by 1 to 3 steps.
  • Upgrade All; Boosts all four amber symbols simultaneously by 1 to 3 levels.
  • Egg; Hatches a dinosaur after a spin scaring birds away and allowing them to drop in spots.
  • Mushroom; Changes a group of amber symbols to match the collecting birds color. It may also convert some amber symbols into feature symbols randomly.
  • Popcorn; Fills spaces with popcorn symbols enabling birds to move across them more to access more symbols.
  • Red Button; Triggers a meter strike at the end of a spin clearing all non feature symbols from the reels and initiating an avalanche effect refilling it with new symbols. Birds land in spots expanding the grid up to 8×8.
  • Wild; Acts as a substitute for amber symbols, at their payout level.
  • Coin; Awards a fixed cash prize based on its displayed value. MAX Win Coins grant the games prize instantly.Triggering the Bonus Game is possible if you collect three instances during a spin.