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Nowadays, there are hundreds of casinos that are available online and in them you will find many different slots and a huge variety of other games. Most of the games in an online casino are from several manufacturers, so before you sign up, check if they suit your preferences. The competition among providers is fierce, and only players benefit from this.

When choosing a slot game, the amount of lines is not the most determining factor, but it is important nonetheless. It is clear that games with more lines give you better chances to win. 40 line slots certainly pay out more often than 5 to 10 line slots. Their downside is that your bets will also be larger as they have to cover each of the 40 lines, but they also bring bigger wins. The trend worldwide is for slot game providers to make more slots with a large number of lines.

40 line casino games history

The first slots had only 3 reels and 1 payline. As the industry developed and over the years, the number of reels and lines increased. Until recently, 40-line slots were considered a major advance in the field. Currently you can find slots with 5 reels and hundreds of paylines. There are cluster win slots, matching symbols that pay on adjacent reels that give 243 and more chances to win.

40 line slots remain some of the most loved by players around the world. They give wonderful opportunities to win, thanks to the most lines and rows and therefore the most possible combinations between the symbols. Many of them include progressive jackpots, Scatter and Wild symbols, bonus games, free spins, multipliers and other extras.


Features of 40-line slots

In general, there are no special features that distinguish 40-line reels from those with fewer lines. They are similar to them and are often borrowed from the others. Here you can find modern slots with new bonus features and game systems. There are mystery-themed 40-line slots, with pyramids inspired and based on box-office movies, as well as eternal fruits.

40 line slots are a favorite of the players and this is due to the large betting and winning scales they offer as well as the additional bonus features they have. In them you will find not only Wild, Scatter symbols, but also symbols to multiply your winnings, many mini-games with additional guaranteed winnings and mysterious card jackpots. For these reasons, 40-line slots are not very suitable for beginners who do not have experience, as they require a larger budget and risk appetite.

Two of the main perks that attract players are free spins and bonus games. Bonuses vary for different slots. There are those that bring instant cash wins as well as those with mini games that you play to win prizes. Free spins very often include either a multiplier on your winnings or another side feature. They can be sticky and expandable Wild symbols, etc. Today you can find slot games where you can win up to 50 and more extra spins by activating them over and over again.

The main difference between 40-line slots and those with less is the structure. They usually have 5 reels and 4 rows on each, and allow 20 symbols to appear on each spin instead of the standard 15. This also results in most paylines, which would not be possible on the smaller 5 x 3 format. The majority of 40-line reels have medium volatility. This means that you can expect balanced profits from them while not having to risk much. The risk-reward level is moderate and allows more players to benefit.

Popular casino games with 40 lines

40 Super Hot

This is the number one slot in many casinos. 40 Super Hot is an EGT game with 5 reels, 4 rows of symbols and 40 paylines, which also has variants with fewer lines and rows of symbols. The theme is classic fruits on a dark background and the game is part of the Jackpot Cards series of 4 progressive jackpots. You win on 3 to 5 matching symbols on a line from left to right that start on the 1st reel. Only Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels for 3 or more symbols pay out a win.

There are 2 bonuses in 40 Super Hot – the game that multiplies your winnings and the one for the 4 ever growing jackpots. After any win less than EUR 1,400, you can try to guess the color of the face-up card and double your win. There are also 4 progressive jackpots that could be yours if you’re lucky. They match the suits of the playing cards and can make you rich. 40 Super Hot has a classic clean fruit design, 2 bonuses and a chance to win huge amounts.


40 Burning Hot

This is a video slot with 5 reels, 4 rows of symbols and 40 paylines. The symbols are mainly fruits. There is also a golden bell and a red week. The week is the most profitable of all standard symbols – 2, 3, 4 and 5 on a line bring you EUR 10, 50, 200 and 3,000 with a minimum bet.

There are 2 scatters – a purple star and a dollar sign. The two scatters do not need to line up and pay in any position they appear on the screen. Wild is the four-leaf clover that replaces the other symbols appearing on the middle reels.

You have the opportunity to double winnings under EUR 1,400 with an additional card game. You can also win some of the 4 ever-growing jackpot prizes from Jackpot Cards. You have to choose from the 12 face up cards and match 3 of the same suits on the cards to get the corresponding jackpot corresponding to the specified suit. 40 Burning Hot is a classic slot game with a nice design in green, fruits and standard bonus games.

Egypt Sky

This is an Egyptian themed slot game also by Euro Games Technology. It uses the standard pattern of 5 reels, 4 rows of symbols and 40 paylines. On a sandy background, you can win from 3 playing cards with a stylish themed design, floating boats, horses in a chariot, scarabs, pharaohs, Cleopatra, the Nile River and Egyptian Ankh crosses.

The Egyptian Ankh Cross is the Wild symbol and substitutes for the others, the Scatter is the Nile landscape and it also pays regardless of where it is on the screen. If you have 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols in one spin, you will win 200, 2000 or 8000 EUR with a minimum bet. Landing 3, 4 or 5 scatters will trigger 3, 5 or 7 free games in addition to a cash win. During these games, when you get an Ankh symbol, it stretches across an entire reel and stays in those positions until the end of the free games. Unfortunately, you cannot activate additional games while playing them.

In addition to free games with sticky expandable wilds ( Wild ), Egypt Sky also has a doubling card mini game. You choose red or black and if you guess, you double your winnings. The slot is part of the developer’s Jackpot Cards series and allows you to win 1 of 4 progressive jackpots. This can happen with any bet and at any time randomly. Egypt Sky is a magnetic slot with an Egyptian theme and colorful graphics. On winnings, epic oriental music is activated, immersing you in the action of the game.

Flaming Hot

This is another game from the EGT portfolio with 5 reels, 4 rows of symbols and 40 paylines. It has fruits and other classic symbols.

The Wild symbol substitutes for all others, and the Scatter is the golden dollar sign. You can double your winnings by participating in a card game. Flaming Hot also offers 4 progressive jackpots that you can win on every spin. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to choose from 12 cards, and 3 of the same suits selected from them will bring you solid winnings.

Flaming Hot is a classic slot with a dark red and fruit design. It also has the standard EGT extras, doubling and a Jackpot Cards game with 4 ever-growing jackpots. You can check their values ​​above the reels and become the lucky winner.

Oil Company 2

This is a fun EGT slot game with animated graphics and an attractive design. It is based on an oil company. On a light yellow background, you can win from an Arab sheikh, an oil boss, an airplane, a tanker, a camel. Also present are a cactus, an oil column, a tanker, a hotel, stuck jokers and scatters as symbols.

Scatter symbol is Petrol Stock Exchange and 3 of it starts 7 free games. You can start 7 new free games while playing them, which are added to your remaining ones.

You also have a Jackpot card game that gives you the chance to walk away with 1 of 4 progressive jackpots. They have 4 levels, with level 1 being the lowest value and corresponding to sleep, and level 4 being the highest and being peak. Oil Company 2 is a fresh game with a fun theme and animated graphics. It offers you free games, a mini game to double your winnings and 4 ever-increasing jackpot prizes.

40 line mobile slot games

Whether you are looking for free casino games with 40 lines or want to play for real money, all slots with more than 20 lines can usually be found in a separate section. It is titled “Extra Lines” which gives fans of high stakes quick and easy access. If the casino does not have such a menu, you can check by the title of the game, which usually says the number of lines. By scrolling the game without pressing, the number of lines and other important information are often written. All online casinos have free demo versions of their games and you can use them to see if you like them.

The 40-line slots are optimized and developed for mobile devices as well. They are also available on a smaller scale for smartphones and tablets. You can play on most of the most used operating systems regardless of the resolution of your phone and tablet. According to the casino, you can access the games directly from a browser or if there are dedicated apps for Android and iOS download, install and play them. This is an individual decision of each online casino.


40 line slots winning strategies

There are no special strategies for playing slots with 40 lines, for this you can apply proven systems. Most lines in these games guarantee frequent wins, which are not small in size. As a rule of thumb, it’s important to be patient, persistent, and take moderate risks. Since the stakes are high, find the balance between the selected credits and the number of lines. If you win, reduce your bet to the original, and if you have a losing streak, increase it.

You can apply the single game strategy. It’s very easy – you choose a game and bet once with the highest bet on the maximum number of lines. If you win – you play again, if you lose – you change the slot game. Of course, you also need luck here, but at least it will save you from unwanted losses.

If you’re into high-stakes slot games – there are plenty of them with jackpots. If you want to have the greatest chances of winning – choose slot games with small jackpots. The main rule here is that the smaller the jackpots, the easier they are to win. Accordingly, large and tempting jackpots will be much harder to fall.

You may also find the Smart Bets strategy interesting. With it, you bet until you reach the desired profits. It usually starts with a low bet, and as soon as you hit one of the winning combinations, you double with the corresponding button. You continue until you break even or until you collect enough money to withdraw and profit from the game.

Avoid progressive jackpot slots. Progressive slots lure bettors with promises of huge winnings, but in reality things are different. If you are looking for a chance to win, never bet on progressive slots. In these slots, a portion of each bet is added to the progressive jackpot, which means that the games are not as profitable for the player. The casino has to get funds to pay for the progressive jackpot from somewhere – and, surprise, those funds come from the players’ pockets.

Don’t just rely on your luck. Even if it’s your lucky day, it doesn’t mean you have to bet everything on the slots. You cannot be distracted during the game, you must be as concentrated as possible and follow the entire game very carefully. If your luck works, you might bet a little more; if not – bet less or stop playing. However, all slots use a Random Number Generator, the results of which are unpredictable and the result may be in your favor with a bit more luck or not exactly, we have no way of knowing.

Another important element is that the casino you choose is licensed, secure and reliable. Trust established names so you don’t have to worry about receiving your winnings. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the games in advance from the demo versions and read through the terms and conditions of the bonuses and promotions you are considering using.

Pros and Cons of 40 line slots

Like all casino games, 40-line slots are also associated with risk, and while most winning lines give a better chance of success, winnings are not guaranteed. To avoid serious monetary losses, act in an organized manner.


  • the availability of accumulating progressive jackpots;
  • more lines mean a greater chance of winning;
  • 20 symbol configuration gives better chances of success;
  • have more extras such as additional levels and bonuses;
  • have a good return over time in a longer game;
  • almost every slot game has a mobile version;


  • pay higher stakes for them;
  • many of the slots mainly offer the possibility of doubling winnings from a multiplier;
  • if you are unlucky, you can quickly reset your casino account with them;
  • have a high level of risk;