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🎮 Game: Vegas single deck blackjack
🌌 Provider: Microgaming
💸 Return to player99.69%

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Intro

Blackjack is admired by hundreds of thousands of casino players for various reasons. You rely not only on luck but on strategic thinking too. And when there is only one deck, even being reshuffled after every round, the level of predictability is more favorable to the punter.

Besides that, the casino edge is much smaller. This is what we find at Microgaming’s Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. The game comes up with a theoretical RTP of 99.69 percent.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Information

There are chips of different value around the table. The lowest you can risk in a round is one dollar. $200 is the highest-valued chip, which is also the maximum bet on a deal. In specific situations, you can double or add 50 percent on top of the initial stake when there is an option to activate the Insurance.

How to play the game?

You bet against the dealer. Both sides receive two cards after the deal; if any of them gets 21 points, it is an instant win. The most powerful combination has an Ace next to a 10-point valued card (King, Queen, Jack, 10). This is Blackjack, and the experienced punters know it is also the limit of points you can have.

More than 21 means bust, meaning the respective side loses the round. But you can be overdrawn only if you add more cards to the initial two. After getting the starting hand, the player has the option to hit or stand. Adding more cards is reasonable when you have 11-15 points, and it is mandatory when there are 10 or fewer. Keep in mind that the Ace counts as either one or eleven points, depending on what fits the hand. You can add cards until you reach 21 or less, the dealer does the same, and the side with more points at the end of the round wins the bet. The standard payout is 2:1.

Before deciding whether to hit or stand, you have the option to see one of the dealer’s cards. The player can activate the insurance function if the face-up card is Ace. It adds 50 percent to the stake, but in the case of Blackjack at the hand of the opposition, you return back the whole bet. When there are 11 points or less, then the player has the option to double the stake.


You get overdrawn and lose the round.
It happens when you add an Ace to another card or cards that combine for 6 points. The Ace counts as either 1 or 11 pts so you can hit more.
When the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace and there is a clear chance for a Blackjack.
One dollar, You chance the stake at the beginning of each round.