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🎮 Game: Aviator
🌌 Provider: 1x2 Gaming
🚀 Theme: Pilots/ Aircrafts
💸 Return to player 97%

Aviator Intro

It’s probably the most straightforward online gambling entertainment at all. Maybe it sounds like an exaggeration, but hardly any game will provide a simpler concept than Aviator.

Developed by the Spribe team and coming from the 1X2 Gaming catalog, it gained significant popularity over a short-term period. The game rules are so easy to understand that anyone can go for it in a matter of seconds. You can clearly make several bets and get a massive reward if the luck is on your side.

Aviator Information

It is not the typical slot machine. Well, we cannot even put Aviator in the slot category since there are no reels or spins. The only thing that matters here is when the plane flies away and whether you pick the right moment to get your returns.

It works like that – before the start of the round, you place a bet and wait for the time to hit cash out. This is your chance to win – you lose the stake once the plane flies away. So it is all about having the hunch to predict when is the right moment. Sometimes the Aviator goes away too fast, and you don’t even have a second to think about hitting the button. But in other cases, the cash-out ratio can reach over 10 times the bet size, and in very rare cases, the reward can be even over 100x.

So, once you can be too slow to get the prize, you hit the button to collect way too early the next time, missing on much more lucrative winning. But here comes the second chance. You can play with two bets simultaneously on the Aviator, placing stakes with different values on each of them. You can play with almost zero risk, setting as low as 10 cents on a round. The maximum bet is $100. You can change the stake amount before every game. The highest possible winning for one bet is $10 000.


Yes. You can place two bets for every round.
Yes. But you can have such compliments only in real money betting.
$0.10. You can change the stake size before every round.
It’s 1.00. It means that the plane flies away instantly, and you lose the bet even before you have the chance to react.

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